Stallone’s in ‘Expendables’; Bridges is ‘The Giver’

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EntertainmentIt’s a man’s world this weekend: Jeff Bridges tries to save it, Sly Stallone tries to blow it up, and two very funny friends try to eat their way through it.   The Giver Stern elder Meryl Streep runs a future where older folks and undersized babies get “released” to “Elsewhere” (which is supposed to sound warm and reassuring, but not to those of us who’ve seen Logan’s Run or Soylent Green). Also, the world’s painful history has been erased …

MFG Movie and Video Preview: April 25

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EntertainmentThis weekend the movies take a breather between the Spring Break crowd pleasers and the big summer blockbusters, offering a mix of small-focus comedy, documenatry, and thriller.   For No Good Reason  You’ll recognize the style of gonzo artist Ralph Steadman right away—his work was long associated with the writing of his pal Hunter Thompson. But this documentary, filmed over the course of the last 15 years, fails at its most basic level: We never really feel like we’re learning …