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Jobless Benefits Could Expire by Year’s End

Posted on 11/26/2012 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsIt could be a frightening start to the new year for some 2 million unemployed workers who stand to lose their jobless benefits by the end of December. Unless Congress extends emergency unemployment benefits set to expire, workers who’ve been out of work six months or more — and rely on the federal emergency program because they’ve exhausted their state’s jobless benefit — could see their unemployment checks cut off. This is particularly disturbing news for older workers. Of the …

Study Finds Some Older Unemployed Workers Happier Once They Call It Quits

Posted on 07/3/2012 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | WorkSome long-term unemployed older workers who give up the job search and retire, it turns out, are happier once they finally call it quits. Researchers followed older discouraged workers in Germany for 15 years and found that an early retirement was the best course of action for most unemployed adults, in part because they felt better about themselves when they say they’re retired rather than unemployed, according to a  Time magazine report. It must be noted that many older adults …