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Long-Wear Makeup — A Do or Don’t at 50?

Posted on 06/24/2013 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionBack when our skin was young, juicy, oily and blemish prone, long lasting makeup and mattes saved us.  Cracking glass ceilings, juggling work, kids and marriage left no time for retouching so stay-put cosmetics ruled. Now a new generation of face, eye and lip products promises to cling nearly forever (no kidding one foundation claims “25-hour wear”). Silicones and film forming polymer technology keep the new stuff hanging on. So you ask, is long wear still part of our strategy …

The Post-Affair Beauty Plan

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Beauty & FashionFront page love affairs and sexual politics are irresistible but the photos are what really grab us. We root for the wives caught down and dowdy by the paparazzi and boo the new mistresses looking spray-tanned, buff, Botox-d, with extra creepy long manes (extensions?), super-high heels and bright clingy dresses. Looking back on the Clinton, Edwards, Spitzer, Sanford, and Petraeus scandals as well as those closer to home, here’s my advice to girlfriends of a certain age: get a killer …

3 Steps To Naked Beauty Confidence

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Beauty & FashionYou’ve never looked better right?  Highlights, manicure, pedicure, whitened teeth and a wardrobe that rocks. Just in time for new adventures in the 50+ world of online dating. You write an irresistible profile. You’re brilliant at  reeling in “the possibles” and throwing back the losers. You do first-date “auditions” at Starbucks with Oprah-like skill. In fact, getting back into dating mode after a breakup, divorce or widowhood isn’t hard at all… until things get intimate. The idea of romance and …