Man Finds $98,000 in Craigslist Desk

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsIt’s always a pleasant surprise when you dig an old jacket out of the closet and find a dollar in the pocket. Multiply that feeling by, oh, about 98,000, and you might begin to imagine how Noah Muroff, a rabbi in New Haven, Conn., felt the other day. After buying a used desk for about $200 on Craigslist, Muroff, who works at a local religious school, found that it wouldn’t fit through the door to his office. So he and …

Movies for Grownups Weekend Preview Nov. 1

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EntertainmentLots to choose from this week: For once, an all-star comedy that’s actually funny … Harrison Ford returns to space … a fast-talking rodeo cowboy tries to rope AIDS … and Diana, Princess of Wales, looks for true love. The New Stuff… Last Vegas This comedy about four old pals reuniting for a bachelor party in Las Vegas gets its laughs from the chemistry of its stars: Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline. The cast also …