Lou Reed

Lou Reed: He Walked on the Wild Side

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LegacyAt his best, Lou Reed was to rock music what Jean Genet was to literature — a chronicler of an unsavory, lubricious underworld who compelled us to see beauty and grace in the dissipated and disturbing. As leader of the Velvet Underground, the Brooklyn native, who died on Oct. 27 at age 71, helped provide the soundtrack for the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, artist Andy Warhol’s avant-garde multimedia scene in the late 1960s, performing songs on then-taboo topics ranging from drug use …

Lou Reed’s New Liver Sparks Old Debate About Transplants

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthHow do you feel about an aging rock icon, who spent his youth wrecking his liver with booze and drugs, being able to get a new liver at age 71? Is it right, considering that there are far more people on the organ-transplant list than there are donors? How about if this same rocker has mended his ways and been a pillar of health since he was in his 40s? Does that change things? The news that singer-songwriter-guitarist Lou Reed …