States Start Shifting Focus to Help Seniors Live Independently, at Home

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Politics“We need to ‘spring’ your mother,” Pop, who loved prison movies, told me over the phone while asking me to come home that weekend. Mom had been in a rehabilitation center for two weeks following a bad fall and a hospital stay. Both she and Pop were ready for her to go home. My mom and pop, like most Americans, wanted to stay in their home and community as they aged. Pop became the primary family caregiver for Mom, and …

Los 10 peores estados para los jubilados en EE.UU.

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En EspañolEs difícil darse ciertos lujos y comodidades cuando se tiene un ingreso fijo, mucho más si eres retirado y tus ganancias han disminuido. Es por eso que algunos de los lugares más lindos y vibrantes de Estados Unidos también se tornan en unos de los menos asequibles, por no decir ‘prohibidos’, para los jubilados. Son por lo general más caros, con rentas más altas y restaurantes costosos. Las tasas de impuestos también tienden a ser mayores en las áreas urbanas. …

Caregiving Across State Lines

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PoliticsMeet Lynn Achter, a Wyoming resident, who was granted guardianship of her brother in Oregon after he suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident.   From a thousand miles away, she managed his money, made medical decisions, and coordinated the resources and services he needed. The distance made Lynn’s caregiving responsibilities even more difficult, and she decided to move her brother to Wyoming.  That’s when Lynn discovered that Wyoming did not have a uniform guardianship law, and she would have …

26 States With a Big Health Coverage Gap

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PoliticsThis week, Health Insurance Marketplaces opened in states across the country.  It’s true: Many more Americans will now have access to affordable health care.  But, other hard-working people, who live in states that have not yet committed to expanding Medicaid, will fall into a new coverage gap. That’s right: In the 26 states that have not accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, adults who earn up to $15,000 a year will not qualify for any type of subsidy through the …

Surviving Love and Marriage

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Your LifeLet’s hear it for Norman and Norma Burmah of Marksville, La., who, after 82 years, have just achieved a milestone of being the longest living married couple in the United States. While that’s a big deal in Marksville, it may not be a reason to party in L.A. We’re more inclined out here to celebrate the 72-day marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries as one of America’s shortest marital unions. That still allows plenty of time before and after the wedding for foreplay, dancing, conception and shopping. …

The Takeaway: Santorum Takes Louisiana; Communities Ill-Prepared for Aging Boomers

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Bulletin TodayOlder voters fueled a Rick Santorum victory in Louisiana’s GOP primary. Plus: Why are U.S. communities so ill-prepared for an aging boomer population?