Get a Last-Minute Getaway for Valentine’s Day

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TravelAARP’s relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz has a new column about sexy getaways to take this Valentine’s Day. She gives us tips on how to find a place you both want and all the steps to take to make sure the trip is worthwhile are valuable, including: Bringing some celebratory cocktails Making sure you blackberries and cell phones are used at the very minimum Other items and fun you can bring to spice up the vacation! We all know hard …

Dr. Pepper Schwartz Discusses Sexuality and Health

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EntertainmentFrom Bernard Ohanian Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP’s new expert for love and relationships entertained a crowd of serveral hundred people in the aptly named Casanova ballroom with a talk about sexuality and health that was frank, inspirational, and funny. Schwartz, the author of 16 books and a professor of sociology at the University of Washington, hammered home her point about the importance of a good sex life. buttressing her arguments by citing numerous academic studies. At various points throughout the …

Valentine’s Day Sex Tips for 50+

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Personal HealthAs we gear up for the holiday o’ love tomorrow, AARP has a special V-Day feature with Dr. Laura Berman, who answers 10 questions about making love and sex better for older couples. It’s important to not only recognize that age and time can affect the passion in relationships, but to acknowledge that older adults are still capable of passion in their lives! They also have a poll heating things up by asking AARP members if they’re still “Frisky after …