Douglas Engelbart: The Man Behind Your Mouse (And a Lot More)

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LegacyIf it weren’t for Douglas Engelbart, the computer on your desk might still be little more than a glorified typewriter, and you might still be struggling to remember arcane DOS commands so you could type them into a luminous green C:\ prompt on a black screen. And the multimedia marvels of the Web might not have ever existed. As computer historian Howard Rheingold once wrote, “We wouldn’t be sitting in front of personal computers today if it wasn’t for him.” Back …

Could That Be a $671,400 Relic in Your Garage?

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyIf you were one of the 200 or so people who bought an Apple-1 computer back in 1976 or 1977 and still have it on a shelf in the back of your garage, guess what? You’re in the chips. And we don’t mean microprocessor chips, either. The technology news website ZDNet reports that a surviving Apple-1, the computer giant’s first product, fetched a breathtaking $671,400 at a German auction. Other Apple-1s have fetched six-figure prices in the past, but this …