Mammogram Study: Find Cancer Early, Live Longer?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s a large, new study that raises doubts about the value of mammograms in preventing breast cancer deaths, but a lot of the publicity and debate about it seems to have missed an important point. According to the 25-year Canadian study, published Tuesday in BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), there was no difference in the number of breast cancer deaths between women who got annual mammograms and women who got an annual physical breast exam by a nurse. The …

Mammogram Debate: Is Screening Overdone?

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health“Screening saves lives” has long been the mantra of breast cancer groups and doctors. But a longtime critic of Americans’ zeal for screening says new research shows that up to a third of cancers detected through routine mammograms may not be life-threatening. The study, which looked at three decades of government data on early-stage breast cancer in women over 40, found that 70,000 women a year may have been overdiagnosed for breast cancer and needlessly treated. “It’s a lot of …

The Takeaway: PCIPs; Mammograms; Helen Mirren Effect

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Bulletin TodayLong-awaited good news. Starting July 1, people with pre-existing conditions will see a reduction in their health insurance premiums.