5 Retro Beauty and Fashion Trends Return For Spring

Posted on 04/17/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionIn beauty and fashion, everything eventually comes back — but never the same way. Fresh details and an updated attitude make the difference. Before you say “been there, done that,” check out these five new-again trends. Each provides a de-stressing fix that’ll make spring and summer 2014 a breeze. COMFY JEANS. No, not “mom” jeans! I mean the new slim boyfriend jeans, pared down from the baggy originals with the same a-a-ah factor but with a feminine fit. Look for …

Are Those Popular Gel Manicures Safe?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthFor those of us for whom beautiful, manicured nails are a must, the new gel manicures are like a gift from beauty heaven. Customers love these manicures — the hot trend at nail salons — because the gel polish dries almost instantly, stays shiny and doesn’t chip for weeks. So what’s not to like? Um, a cancer risk? The problem is the UVA light that’s used to dry, or cure, the polish. That bluish-purple light, the same kind used in …