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Why Watch the Oscars? For the Boomer Stars, Of Course!

Posted on 02/28/2014 by |Movies & TV | Comments

EntertainmentThe diamonds may blind you, the designer fashions may dazzle you, and the collective cosmetic surgery bill would probably buy health care for the entire nation of Rwanda. But when it comes to the movies being honored at the Oscars Sunday night, one thing is refreshingly true: It’s not about the money. Seldom has such a grown-up batch of films been nominated for Best Picture without regard for box office performance. In fact, the total take for the lower two-thirds of …

Stone, Streep, Scorsese….and Litondo? A Tale of Four Standing Ovations

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EntertainmentThere were four standing ovations at the 11th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards Gala in Beverly Hills last night: 1) For Sharon Stone, accepting our Lifetime Achievement Award. 2) For Martin Scorsese, receiving the Breakthrough Achievement Award for his mind-boggling 3-D masterpiece, Hugo. 3) For Meryl Streep, accepting our Best Grownup Love Story award on behalf of The Iron Lady. So far, so good, and so expected. Stone, Scorsese, and Streep are Hollywood royalty, and it’s no surprise that the …

At Last, It’s Safe to Sit in a Movie Theater Again!

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EntertainmentOur long national movie nightmare is over: the Grownup Movies Season is in full swing. I do hope you’ve been saving your pennies since last January to take advantage of November and December, when Hollywood studio execs wake up, look in a mirror and declare, “Wait a minute—we’ve been releasing crap all year! How in the world will we win any Oscars for that tripe?” So they run out and track down Clint Eastwood on the golf course and say, …