What to Do When Older Customers Hang Out? Call 911?

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Bulletin TodayA small McDonald’s in Queens, N.Y., has become the center of a debate: Should local seniors be allowed to sit in the restaurant all day, hanging out with their friends while they drink coffee and nibble on food? Can the restaurant enforce a time limit for patrons, especially if the restriction seems aimed at one group of customers? Over the past few months, according to the New York Times, “a number of elderly Korean patrons and this McDonald’s they frequent …

Will Fast Food Save the World?

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Your LifeI once took it as a personal affront for anyone to suggest that I chow down at a fast food eatery. I do not necessarily dine at five-star restaurants every night but never would I lower my cultural standing by being seen at a place that serves fat-soaked burgers and French fries deep-fried in pig lard or whatever. But I think I may be changing my mind. My U-turn is based on an article by Bruce Watson in a newspaper …

News To Know: McSavings

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Money & SavingsThough many companies are cutting back on benefits, McDonalds is offering a lucrative retirement savings program to retain talent.