Send A Message Today in Support of Social Security

Coming from anyone these comments would be over the line. But what makes them more offensive is Senator Simpson’s position: co-chair of President Obama’s Fiscal Commission, which is currently considering changes to Social Security as a solution to reduce the deficit.
How can a commission led by Sen. Simpson fairly make recommendations on the future of important programs like Social Security?

Marketers Turn to the Boomers Again

Check out this great story on today. The article is all about the boomer generation once again catching the eye of the marketer. Those boomers sure have buying power and they aren’t afraid to use it. So why did marketers ever lose interest? According to the story, over the last decade, boomers lost favor to younger generations, but now as companies have “felt the pinch of decreased consumer spending,” they are realizing that 50+ Americans have definitely not stopped …

News To Know: When Newspapers Are The Headline

With the Senate holding hearings on the future of newspapers, are we witnessing the end of an era?

News To Know: The Amazing Shrinking Dollar

In another troubling piece of news about the economy, inflation rose by the highest amount in 17 years according to the department of labor.