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One Way Medicare Could Save Big

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsMedicare could save $560 million or more a year simply by allowing some patients who call 911 for an ambulance to be taken somewhere other than a hospital emergency room. What’s more, the study found, private insurers could save twice that amount by following suit. That’s the conclusion of a new study in Health Affairs, which found that more than a third of Medicare patients who called 911 had a “low-acuity diagnosis” that could have been managed outside the hospital emergency …

AARP to Legislators: Think Before You Cut

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Your LifeHey blog readers – Jenn here from the communications team. This week I caught up with our staffer David Vinkler down in our Springfield office. He’s our expert on all things related to the state budget as well as home and community based services in Illinois.  He’s pretty much buried right now – analyzing where that elusive $2.8 billion (yeah that’s right, BILLION) in proposed cuts might come from in order for legislators to balance the  state budget by May 31st. …