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Medical Credit Card Issuer Ordered to Make Refunds

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsA dentist tells an older patient during an exam that she needs expensive treatment. She can’t pay the fee outright, so the dentist immediately arranges financing through a medical credit card plan. A month later, the patient opens her first bill and discovers that the card is not interest-free, as she’d thought. In fact, it carried an annual interest rate as high as 27 percent if she didn’t pay it off within a certain period. Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer …

Obama: Health Law ‘Working the Way It’s Supposed to’

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsFrom Kaiser Health News In California Friday, President Barack Obama praised the health law benefits already in place and talked about the state’s health insurance marketplace. He also placed a special emphasis on touting the law to the state’s Latino population. Here’s a transcript of his remarks: OBAMA: These leaders from California’s government, the California Endowment, and major Spanish-language media outlets have joined together to help implement the Affordable Care Act here in California and to educate folks about how to …

Three Ideas That Thwart Solutions to the Medical Care Crisis

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Personal HealthThe medical delivery system is under pressure to provide quality health care despite these dire trends: ·         Reduced access because of the closing of community hospitals and low-cost clinics, ·         Staggering increases in the cost of drugs, medical treatment and insurance, ·         An increasing reluctance of HMO’s to refer patients to specialists, and ·         A dramatic increase in the number of uninsured, now estimated at 50 million and growing. I could also mention the loss of physicians who are retiring …