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40,000 Health Apps: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyChristine Porter is hooked on the My Fitness Pal app. In October, after deciding to lose 50 pounds, Porter started typing in everything she eats, drinks and any exercise she gets. “This is like my main page here,” says Porter, who lost 42 pounds in nine months. “It’s telling me I have about 1,200 calories remaining for the day. When I want to record something I just click the ‘add to diary’ button. I’m on it all day either through my …

Bright Ideas to Keep You Healthy

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyYes, the talking companion dog stole the show at the Healthy Aging Forum on Capitol Hill May 23 (you can meet him in the video below), but there were plenty of other ideas on display from government agencies, big health care companies, foundations and entrepreneurs about improving the lives of America’s aging population. If the turnout was a bit underwhelming, the products, services and innovations on display had the power to change lives in ways both big and small. Sponsored …

Blood Glucose Meters — How Accurate Are They?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Phil Galewitz, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News Blood glucose meters, which millions of diabetics rely upon to regulate their blood sugar, have become less costly and easier and less painful to use. But they haven’t become more accurate, a top Food and Drug Administration official said May 21 at a meeting of researchers analyzing studies that show wide variation in the performance of the machines used to measure blood glucose levels. Katherine Serrano, diabetes branch chief in the FDA’s division of …