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40,000 Health Apps: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyChristine Porter is hooked on the My Fitness Pal app. In October, after deciding to lose 50 pounds, Porter started typing in everything she eats, drinks and any exercise she gets. “This is like my main page here,” says Porter, who lost 42 pounds in nine months. “It’s telling me I have about 1,200 calories remaining for the day. When I want to record something I just click the ‘add to diary’ button. I’m on it all day either through my …

In a Disaster, Could an Electronic Health Record Save Your Life?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Jenny Gold, Correspondent, Kaiser Health News Everyone expects a hospital to be ready to jump into action when disaster strikes. But what about when the disaster devastates the hospital itself? Turns out, it helps a lot to have an electronic medical record system in place. At least that was the case at Moore Medical Center in Oklahoma, a small hospital right in the path of the tornado that ripped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday (see photo, right). Three-hundred …

From Rolodex to Evernote: Organizing The List of my Parents’ Health Care Providers

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CaregivingIt was about 15 years old, and full of tattered business and index cards, neatly organized alphabetically – either by name or perhaps by service or type of physician or town or … well, it wasn’t consistent as far as I could tell. Finding the contact information for my parent’s health care and other service providers in my Dad’s card file was a journey into his mind and internal filing system. I’m sure it made sense to him, but it …