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AARP Launches Health Record

Posted on 06/5/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Personal HealthOur health information is both extremely valuable to us, but also highly important to share with those who need it. To this end AARP is launching AARP Health Record(SM) – an easy-to-use, online tool designed to help people over 50 manage their family health care needs. AARP Health Record lets you safely store and access critical health information such as medications, allergies, blood type, immunizations and emergency and provider contact information. You can also print an easy-to-read pocket card with vital stats. This …

I Hate Doctor’s Office Forms. (There’s An App for That.)

Posted on 03/20/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyBy Suzie Mitchell How many times do you find yourself in waiting room of the doctor’s office filling out forms that ask you for the list of medicines you take regularly? If you are like me, you say to yourself, there’s the cholesterol one, what’s that called again?  How many milligrams?  It’s pink, I know that.  Then there is the three that make up the cocktail for migraine prevention…hmm.  There’s the little white one I take twice a day, and …

On The (Medical) Record

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Your LifeHealth IT, already popular concept, has received a huge boost in funding from the stimulus package. But will doctors use it?