Doctors’ Extreme Prescribing – Footprints of Medicare Fraud?

Diagnosis: possible Medicare fraud. That’s the gist of a report from the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that found hundreds of doctors with “very extreme” prescribing practices – practices that could be harming Medicare patients and costing the government untold millions. Government investigators zeroed in on doctors writing hundreds of prescriptions per patient and large numbers of prescriptions for painkillers and other addictive drugs, among other practices. Related: 6 Common Medicare Scams After sifting through …

Responsible Solutions That Protect and Preserve Medicare

This is a guest post by Sean Voskuhl – State Director, AARP Oklahoma Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I saw first-hand the importance of Medicare.  Finding accessible and affordable health care was always very difficult.  Many folks had no choice but to purchase a catastrophic/high deductible plan, or they relied on a spouse to get coverage by taking a job in town, or they went without health insurance at all. Simply put, most people gambled and prayed, trying to hold …

The Takeaway: Major Medicare Fraud Bust Nets 100+ Health Care Workers

The largest <strong>Medicare fraud bust</strong> in recent history has netted more than 100 people and an estimated $450 million in <strong>false billings</strong>, <a href="">the Associated Press reports</a>. The nationwide operation has been under investigation for several months, on suspicions of defrauding Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health programs.

The Takeaway: Billions in Health Care Fraud Money Recovered

More than $4 billion in <strong>health care fraud</strong> money was recovered in 2011, Justice Department officials announced yesterday.

The Takeaway: Debt Talks Cont’d.; Heat Wave

Still far apart: Despite a looming deadline and mounting pressure to “get it done,” President Obama yesterday said he was not interested in any temporary “stopgap” solution to the debt ceiling problem.”That is just not an acceptable approach. So we might as well do it now. Pull off the Band-Aid.” Although the president wouldn’t get into specifics, it was clear that Social Security reforms are still on the bargaining table. … What happens if Congress fails to raise the debt …

Cracking Down On Medicare Crooks

AARP has endorsed the STOP Act, which aims to reduce Medicare fraud.