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A Call to Nurses: Family Caregivers Need You

Posted on 05/8/2014 by |Caregiving experts & bloggers | Comments

CaregivingGallup public opinion surveys consistently show that nursing is the most trustworthy profession in America. This recognition comes with a responsibility — to help people manage their health conditions with the confidence that they can do it. Nurses who care for patients in hospitals have a critical role in teaching them how to take care of themselves after they leave. Many of these patients will not be able to do everything on their own.  They will rely on caregivers  — spouses, …

The Family Caregiver’s Job Description: Add Nursing Care to the List

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Caregiving | Public Policy InstituteDaily activities completed by family caregivers has been often grouped by task — a job description of sorts. Tasks such as bathing and dressing, helping with eating, moving around or toileting are called Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs for short. Shopping, cooking, managing finances or providing transportation are referred to as assisting with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs.) Now we know that almost half of family caregivers are doing all of these things and more.  They are doing things that …

Managing Medications: It’s All About Organization

Posted on 11/29/2011 by |Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingAnyone walking into Mom and Dad’s apartment this evening would have seen me as a cross between a mad scientist, a bean counter and a creative genius at work. Well, I’d like to think the creative genius part would be mixed in, but who knows? It’s that time of month that I have come to dread: the assemblage of 8 weekly pill organizers.   Why dread it? Here’s why, by the numbers: 22 – The number of prescription medications my …