See That Warning Sticker? Seniors Don’t, Study Says

You know those colorful little warning stickers that the pharmacist slaps on prescription pill bottles? Actually, you might not.  A new study says that most older adults ignore them, while most younger people read them. Michigan State University researchers used eye-tracking technology as well as follow-up memory tests to see whether people paid attention to the pill container stickers that say things like, “Do not consume alcohol while taking this medication,” or “Take with food.” They found that while everyone …

Are You a SMART Driver?

If you’re like many drivers, it has probably been a few years since you first learned to drive and tested for your driver’s license. And yet cars, traffic rules, and the very roads we drive on are constantly changing. Be a S-M-A-R-T driver, and use these five tips from AARP Driver Safety to stay safe on today’s increasingly challenging roadways.

How high are your prescription drug costs?

Do you get the feeling your prescription drugs are more expensive than they were just a few years ago? It sort of goes with out saying that everyone always feels that way. But here are some numbers: A new prescription drug report out from the AARP Public Policy Institute show that the cost of drugs most commonly used by Medicare recipients rose nearly double the rate of inflation between 2005 to 2009. So the average cost of such a therapy …

Managing Medications: It’s All About Organization

Anyone walking into Mom and Dad’s apartment this evening would have seen me as a cross between a mad scientist, a bean counter and a creative genius at work. Well, I’d like to think the creative genius part would be mixed in, but who knows? It’s that time of month that I have come to dread: the assemblage of 8 weekly pill organizers.   Why dread it? Here’s why, by the numbers: 22 – The number of prescription medications my …

News To Know: Where Not To Cut Back

Americans are being forced to postpone medical care due to the poor condition of the economy.

News To Know: Is It Better To Give Than To Be Prescribed?

A new CDC study reveals that nearly 3 in 10 Americans has shared prescriptions with someone else.