Expensive New Hepatitis C Drug Raises Alarms

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Public Policy InstituteThis piece originally ran in the Huffington Post and was written by Leigh Purvis and Debra B. Whitman. Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that results from infection with the hepatitis C virus. It currently affects more than 3 million Americans, many of whom do not know that they are infected. Left untreated, it can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis, liver failure or liver cancer. Until recently, hepatitis C treatments only cured about half of patients and often had undesirable …

Drug Company to Pay $2.2 Billion in Risperdal Settlement

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Bulletin TodayWe hear a lot about how older Americans have difficulties with their prescription medications. That makes it all the more disturbing when a pharmaceutical company takes advantage of them by promoting a drug as safe and effective for a certain condition — like, say, dementia — when in fact it may not be. According to the Justice Department, that’s what Johnson & Johnson did in marketing its antipsychotic drug Risperdal to older adults and other vulnerable patients. Now the company will …

How the MacArthur ‘Genius Grants’ Help Us All

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Bulletin TodayThe MacArthur Foundation has announced its 2013 MacArthur Fellows. Each year, the foundation provides stipends of $625,000 — popularly known as “genius grants” — to encourage “people of outstanding talent” to pursue their ambitions in the arts, sciences, education, social entrepreneurship and other fields. One of the great things about the MacArthur grants is that they benefit the rest of us, because recipients often do work that touch our lives in one way or another. Past fellows have included people …

On the Verge of Discovery: The Fountain of Youth in Pill Form

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Personal HealthIf you could take a pill and prevent further aging, would you take it? Besides extending the length of your life, what if the pill could protect you from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes? You might even find your skin looking younger. Do these claims sound like science fiction? Not at all, according to David Sinclair, a geneticist who heads the Lowy Cancer Research Centre’s Laboratory for Ageing Research at the University of New South Wales. Dr. Sinclair, …

Study: Some Expired Drugs Could Be Effective (But Don’t Try This at Home)

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Bulletin TodayA study published yesterday in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows many prescription drugs could have a longer shelf life than assumed, in some cases much longer. But while the results could have important implications for drug companies, researchers are quick to caution consumers against applying the findings to their own medicine cabinets.

5 Things to Talk About With Your Doctor

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Personal HealthThe following is a guest post from William J. Hall, MD, AARP Board Member. Bill Hall is a geriatrician with a special interest in strategies for successful aging. Last time, I described some of the reasons why both patients and physicians sometimes feel that the office visit is not as satisfying as either would like. Based on many years of caring for older adults, here are a few simple strategies: Make a List. No matter what your age, the most …