More Grandkids Poisoned by Grandparents’ Medicine

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAccidental poisonings from medicine cause more emergency room visits for young children each year than do car accidents, and one big reason may be that grandparents often store their prescription drugs in places easy for their grandkids to reach, says a new national poll. The University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital recently polled parents and grandparents of children ages 1 to 5 about the presence of prescription meds in their homes and how the drugs were stored. The poll found …

The Takeaway: Hospitals Open Seniors-Only Emergency Rooms

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Bulletin TodayEmergency Rooms of Their Own: A growing number of American hospitals have been debuting emergency rooms designed specifically for older adults, generally those 65 and up. Special accommodations include things like nonskid floors, rails along the walls, extra heating units, thicker mattresses to reduce bedsores and artificial skylights intended to combat “sundowning.”

Pill Popper

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Personal HealthI admit it; I pop pills on a daily basis. I won’t bore you with what I have to take when, but suffice it to say, several years ago, pill popping became a part of my everyday existence. I wasn’t excited about it. It’s one thing to take meds when you’re ill, for a period of time (Z-packs! Revolutionary! Sayonara, sinusitis, in 5 short days!). But something in me chafes against a regular, daily, dose of anything medicinal. In fact, …

Taking an Excursion for Your Medical Needs?

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Personal HealthDoesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s actually becoming more and more common. While medical tourism has existing for some time — where Americans will travel abroad to other countries to get necessary medical treatment for cheaper — a new trend is growing in the U.S.: Domestic medical travel. Via AARP Bulletin: [A]s medical travel firms negotiate attractive rates with doctors, clinics and hospitals and market them to insurance companies, employer-funded health plans and individuals. While hospitals don’t like to …

Strides in Solving the Mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease

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Personal HealthOn the front page of the New York Times today, there is a story about on the potential of a “major change” in the criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. If adopted, the new guidelines would launch a new movement on diagnosing – and eventually treating – the disease that affects so many American families. The proposed diagnostic rules were presented by a group of experts at an international Alzheimer’s meeting in Honolulu yesterday. Currently, the formal criteria to …

News To Know: Possible Cancer Vaccine Offers Hope

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Personal HealthA new vaccination treatment for cancer has shown promise in studies.