A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor’s Key to Recovery

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Personal HealthJohn Odom is looking forward to walking into Boston Medical Center this week for a memorial honoring survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. After all, when he left the hospital last May, the doctors and nurses weren’t sure he would ever walk again. Odom, 66, was one of the most severely injured of the bombing victims, enduring 11 surgeries and weeks on life support after shrapnel from one bomb tore apart his legs. “I want to be able to walk in …

Veterans Conquer Barricades at Closed War Memorial

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIf they can storm enemy beaches, they certainly won’t let a little barricade — or even a government shutdown — stand in their way. Join the discussion: Share a memory to honor our veterans A group of World War II veterans from Mississippi had chartered an $80,000 flight to Washington, D.C., to visit the National World War II Memorial. They arrived Oct. 1 to find to find the monument blocked off, a casualty of the government shutdown caused by the standoff …