Online Dating: Showing My (Real) Age

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RelationshipsQ: I am a 78-year-old widow, intelligent, friendly, self-sufficient, well-groomed and well-read. My problem is how to word my online profile so that men who are slightly younger will not write me off. I am in excellent health and interested in everything around me. I can still do everything I did when I was 50. I would be a good fit for the right man 10 years my junior, but men don’t seem to consider this possibility, and there don’t …

What’s a Guy to Do? Four Suggestions for Better Caregiving

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CaregivingIn my last post, I ranted a bit about the perceived invisibility of men in caregiving discussions. This time, I want to turn that camera around and take a look at how men can sometimes be their own worst enemies when taking on a caregiving role. The urge many of us have to step in, analyze and act can make the experience much more difficult than it needs to be (believe me, I learned the hard way). Over time, I …

Eunuch Study Reveals Why Women Live Longer

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Bulletin TodayWhat can ancient castrated Koreans tell us about longevity? A lot, apparently. A new study of historical data reveals more evidence that when it comes to why women outlive men, testosterone may be to blame.

What Do I Do With My Guy & His Wandering Eye?

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RelationshipsQ: What should I do when my husband looks and stares at other women? Should I leave him, confront him or just not say anything? It makes me angry and uncomfortable, not to mention makes me feel like I’m not what he wants anymore. What do I do? – TR Dr. Schwartz: Well, first talk to him, not right when it happens, but when you are both in a good mood, relaxed and ready to have an intimate conversation. Tell …

Men And Sunscreen: Why Aren’t They Using Any?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAttention men: Before you head outdoors this summer, make sure you are wearing sunscreen. Because evidently, you need some reminding. (Ok, nagging.) A new survey by the Skin Cancer Foundation finds that men don’t seem to understand the risks of getting skin cancer. Nearly 1 in 2 men surveyed said they had not applied sunscreen in the past 12 months, and only 32 percent considered themselves very knowledgeable about how to properly use it, the Dallas News reports. Some misguided …

The Takeaway: What Men and Women Can Learn From One Another About Saving for Retirement

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Bulletin TodayThere are clear differences between men and women when it comes to retirement planning. By integrating the best of both genders’ strategies, you can increase your prospects for a secure retirement.