New Drug for Painful Sex in Older Women

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s a common problem among postmenopausal women — painful sexual intercourse due to thinner, drier, more fragile vaginal tissues. To help the roughly 32 million women with this condition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug called Osphena. As the Los Angeles Times pointed out, it’s not exactly the pink version of Viagra, but the new drug may provide some help to women whose libido has been waylaid by moderate to severe pain during sex. Dyspareunia …

Secret to Weight Loss? No Cake After Menopause

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAs if the hot flashes and all the other annoying menopausal symptoms weren’t bad enough, according to new research the real secret to losing those stubborn postmenopausal pounds is to avoid dessert. All dessert. For. Ever. (Pausing now for mass sobbing.) Here’s the latest sad, but telling, research: Women’s metabolism declines after menopause, which makes it difficult to keep from gaining weight no matter how careful you are. Even previously slim women start battling muffin tops and poochy tummies — …

Painful Sex? Perhaps It’s a Dry Vagina

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Personal HealthQ: How do I get my 70-year-old wife’s vagina loose enough to where it’s not painful for her to have sex? Dr. Schwartz: The thing we’d have to establish first is why her vagina so tight that penetration is painful? If she has been able to have sex with you before, my guess is the pain comes from lack of lubrication. As women age, our estrogen levels dip and it’s estrogen that has been providing the slippery fluid that allows …

The Takeaway: Regis Philbin Packing Up; Menopause-Related Memory Loss Could Actually Be Early Dementia

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Bulletin TodayTalk show host Regis Philbin will make his final appearance this Friday morning on “Live With Regis and Kelly.” And the brains of women who complain of memory lapses or mental slippage around the time of menopause may be working extra hard to keep up, a new study shows.

The Takeaway: Ample Exercise, Good Fats Tied To Earlier Menopause; Dark Side of Prostate Cancer Screening

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Bulletin TodayA new Japanese study shows women are more likely to hit menopause early if they exercise avidly or eat a diet high in good fats. And looking closer at the downsides of prostate cancer screening tests.

Got…Prunes? Turns Out, They Help Build Strong Bones

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthYeah, yeah, we’ve heard all the prune jokes. Except now we call them dried plums and guess what they can do? They help….your bones! A Florida State University researcher says that regularly eating dried plums (aka prunes) can help postmenopausal women — as well as older men — prevent fractures and osteoporosis. Bahram Arjmandi, chairman of FSU’s department of nutrition, food and exercise sciences, says he has tested numerous fruits over the course of his career, including figs, dates, strawberries and …