The Takeaway: Regis Philbin Packing Up; Menopause-Related Memory Loss Could Actually Be Early Dementia

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Bulletin TodayTalk show host Regis Philbin will make his final appearance this Friday morning on “Live With Regis and Kelly.” And the brains of women who complain of memory lapses or mental slippage around the time of menopause may be working extra hard to keep up, a new study shows.

The Takeaway: Ample Exercise, Good Fats Tied To Earlier Menopause; Dark Side of Prostate Cancer Screening

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Bulletin TodayA new Japanese study shows women are more likely to hit menopause early if they exercise avidly or eat a diet high in good fats. And looking closer at the downsides of prostate cancer screening tests.

Got…Prunes? Turns Out, They Help Build Strong Bones

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthYeah, yeah, we’ve heard all the prune jokes. Except now we call them dried plums and guess what they can do? They help….your bones! A Florida State University researcher says that regularly eating dried plums (aka prunes) can help postmenopausal women — as well as older men — prevent fractures and osteoporosis. Bahram Arjmandi, chairman of FSU’s department of nutrition, food and exercise sciences, says he has tested numerous fruits over the course of his career, including figs, dates, strawberries and …

Hot Flash: Soy, Flaxseeds Don’t Help With Menopause Symptoms

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthNo wonder  menopausal women get cranky. All the stuff they were told about soy supplements and flaxseed being natural remedies to help with menopause’s hot flashes and bone loss was a big, bunch of…hooey. Not only did a new University of Miami study find that soy doesn’t help, the women in the study who took soy pills reported more hot flashes plus — to add insult to injury — constipation.

Yes, Guys, There Really Is Such a Thing As ‘Manopause’

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWomen aren’t the only ones who suffer from hormonal changes in middle age, leading to weight gain, crankiness and changes in their sex lives. Men have their own version, dubbed male menopause or, as some experts are calling it, “manopause.” (Your doctor is probably going to call it “andropause” or “hypogonadism,” but where’s the fun in that?) Unlike women, men experience hormonal changes gradually over many years, starting at about age 40, writes sexuality counselor and author Ian Kerner for …