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Oscars Too Old For You? Grow Up!

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EntertainmentAre you as sick and tired as I am of hearing about how this year’s Oscars skewed so old? You know: the host was old, the winners were old, the classic movie were old… The New York Times (that arbiter of all things hip and snappy) opined that the proceedings resembled “an AARP pep rally.” Well, yeah. Sorry, kids, but you’ll just have to get used to the fact that Billy Crystal is funnier than anyone you’ve got; actors, directors, …

Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer Chat Backstage After Oscar Wins

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EntertainmentMeryl Streep was in a playful mood last night when she held court backstage before a crowd of admiring press after winning her Best Actress Oscar for “The Iron Lady.”  “I thought I was so old and jaded, but they call your name and you just go into sort of a — I don’t know, a white light, and it was just thrilling,” she told us.  “It was like I was a kid again.  I was a kid when I …

Stone, Streep, Scorsese….and Litondo? A Tale of Four Standing Ovations

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EntertainmentThere were four standing ovations at the 11th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards Gala in Beverly Hills last night: 1) For Sharon Stone, accepting our Lifetime Achievement Award. 2) For Martin Scorsese, receiving the Breakthrough Achievement Award for his mind-boggling 3-D masterpiece, Hugo. 3) For Meryl Streep, accepting our Best Grownup Love Story award on behalf of The Iron Lady. So far, so good, and so expected. Stone, Scorsese, and Streep are Hollywood royalty, and it’s no surprise that the …

Sharon Stone: “It’s Not How You Fall, It’s How You Get Up”

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EntertainmentShe was crying when she came onstage. “Oh, Marty.. I must’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve gotten a lifetime achievement award from MARTIN SCORSESE. MARTIN SCORSESE.” Sharon Stone is 53. She’ll tell you that, too. She’ll tell you about her 40s, and how she always states her age. She’ll tell you about not getting any calls a decade ago, and now that she’s 50, her wrinkles are suddenly in style. She’ll tell you about falling, and getting up, and …

Oscar Gets it Right!

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EntertainmentAmazing. Absolutely amazing. This year’s list of Oscar nominees is so terrifically, breathtakingly right, I thought I must have been dreaming when they were announced early this morning. I’ve never come away from the Oscars announcement more satisfied that Hollywood really, really gets it—that the best movies really are movies for grownups. Just look at how the winners of this year’s AARP Movies for Grownups Awards—announced last week—dovetail with the Oscar nominations: