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10 Things to Know Before Watching Michael Douglas Dazzle in ‘Behind the Candelabra’

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EntertainmentAt last — Michael Douglas as Liberace, on HBO. The highly touted, much-anticipated Behind the Candelabra, from filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, with Matt Damon as Liberace’s 40-years-younger lover, Scott Thorson, is clearly the TV event of the week.  In fact, it will air for weeks and be available on demand. Here are 10 points to enhance your viewing experience. 1.  Emmy time! Critics are almost universally calling Douglas’ performance a tour de force. Kudos are being heaped upon Damon as well, …

Oscars Too Old For You? Grow Up!

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EntertainmentAre you as sick and tired as I am of hearing about how this year’s Oscars skewed so old? You know: the host was old, the winners were old, the classic movie were old… The New York Times (that arbiter of all things hip and snappy) opined that the proceedings resembled “an AARP pep rally.” Well, yeah. Sorry, kids, but you’ll just have to get used to the fact that Billy Crystal is funnier than anyone you’ve got; actors, directors, …

Michael Douglas: Unplugged

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EntertainmentCheck out the striking cover of the March/April edition of AARP The Magazine – which is in homes and available online now at www.aarpmagazine.org. In this issue, Douglas opens up candidly about his life – examining his family dynamic with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones (who is 25 years his junior), his relationship with his father, the legendary Kirk Douglas, and his thoughts on mistakes he made as a parent. All this in addition to gearing up for the launch of his …