Move Over Boomers! Millennials Claim Population Trophy

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Home & FamilyFor decades, a baby boomer age has had the largest single-year population in the United States. No more. Now boomers have lost the title to their millennial children, with 22-year-olds claiming first place, according to the U.S. Census. Coming in second are 23-year-olds, with 53-year-old boomers in third place. This represents a major demographic shift, considering that from 1947, a year after the baby boom began, until 2010, a boomer age group always held the top spot. The Census Bureau attributes …

Young People Say They’ll Do Better Than Their Parents

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Bulletin TodayA generation of pessimists has spawned an enthusiastically upbeat generation of kids. A newly released Gallup Poll shows that only 5 percent of the children interviewed thought it was unlikely they would not have a better life than their parents. Adults surveyed last month for the USA/Today Gallup poll were split evenly on their hopes for the future of their children. A full 43 percent of the children polled, grades 5 through 12, thought it was very likely they would do …

HBO’s Girls: The Millennial Dating Scene

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Your LifeThe Sunday Styles section of yesterday’s New York Times featured an article entitled, “The End of Courtship,” about the complicated dating scene that millennials are navigating as they struggle to find a romantic partner. Last night’s first episode of the second season of Girls touched on much the same theme.  Both left me wondering how much different dating really is today from when we were that age. Ever since it debuted last year, I’ve been a huge fan of the HBO …

Five Reasons to Watch Girls, Season Two

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Your LifeAs a fifty-something baby boomer, I probably don’t fall within the target demographic for the critically acclaimed, endlessly discussed, highly controversial and wildly popular television series, Girls. But I certainly count myself among producer Lena Dunham’s biggest fans.  I loved the YouTube videos she made when she was still in college, and thought her first feature film, Tiny Furniture, was awesome. Last season, I couldn’t wait for Sunday nights so I could watch the half-hour episodes, which chronicle the post-college …

Caregiving, When Everything Hurts

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Your LifeA week ago, I visited my Pop Pop for his 96th birthday. I brought a big sign with me, with dozens of messages from people all over the country — family in Indiana, friends in Mississippi, Twitter followers from Boston and D.C. and Kansas. Even Arthur, who I introduced in my first post here, got in on the surprise. “How ya doin, pal?” he wrote. I figured my grandfather, the best keeper-in-toucher I know, would get a kick out of …

The Takeaway: Young Adults Think Happiness Comes With Age

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Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyIn a new survey of 18 to 29-year-olds, almost 60 percent said “adulthood will be more enjoyable than my life is now.” Awesome, right? Seems encouraging that the young folks of today don’t expect happiness to decrease with age. But after reading that statistic a few more times, the weird part jumped out at me. Did you notice it?