Caring, Together: An Intergenerational Approach

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Your LifeMy friend Arthur and I like going to the theater together. So, this past Friday when we were hanging out, I read him the upcoming schedule for our favorite company. “Sigh-ray-no de Burger-ac,” I fumbled, a few shows down the list. The description said it was a timeless classic with some of the wittiest lines ever written for the stage. But, to my former-English-major embarrassment, I was completely butchering the title. “Kai-ran-o de Bur-jer-ack? Is that it?” I held it …

Millennials: a New Hope for Philanthropy

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VolunteeringAs a Boomer, I have often shared my disappointment with my own generation on its performance and commitment to philanthropy.  We have a lot to learn from the preceding generation — the greatest generation — that not only recognizes the importance of giving and giving back, but sees it as a responsibility to be shared with the generations to come.  Actually, I think the Boomers will get there.  It will just take some time. Enter the Millennials (Generation Y or …