Mission to Mars

Newest Retirement Destination: Mars!

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Bulletin Today | TravelLooking for an exotic retirement destination? Here’s a new possibility for you: Mars. No, we’re not kidding. Billionaire Dennis Tito, the engineer-turned-investment-mogul who in 2001 became the first-ever space tourist by buying a seat on a Russian space mission, wants to find a mature man and woman to serve as as a two-person crew on a private interplanetary fly-by. According to his Inspiration Mars Foundation, Tito hopes to launch in 2017 so as to be able to take advantage of …

50 Years after John Glenn’s Flight, These Movies are Still as Close as We’ll Get to Space!

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EntertainmentWhere were you? Fifty years ago this week, my whole kindergarten class gathered in Mrs. Kipp’s room to hear the news reports as John Glenn became the first American to soar into orbit (no classroom TVs in those days—a transistor radio did the job). We all sat there amazed, dreaming of the not-far-off day when we, too, would float weightless in space. And by the time Neil Armstrong walked on the moon not 10 years later, we knew there’s be …