Fighting for Family Caregivers

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PoliticsMike is a 55-year-old Mississippian and a family caregiver for his lifelong friend Joe, who suffered a stroke.  Mike has found more emotional strength than he knew he had when the reality hit that caring for Joe is a 24-hour-a-day job. Nancy went from daughter to family caregiver, and after weeks of sleeping in her father’s hospital room, stress-filled months and sleepless nights, she learned to rely on her siblings, make a plan and step back into her life. Amy …

Caregiving Across State Lines

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PoliticsMeet Lynn Achter, a Wyoming resident, who was granted guardianship of her brother in Oregon after he suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident.   From a thousand miles away, she managed his money, made medical decisions, and coordinated the resources and services he needed. The distance made Lynn’s caregiving responsibilities even more difficult, and she decided to move her brother to Wyoming.  That’s when Lynn discovered that Wyoming did not have a uniform guardianship law, and she would have …

26 States With a Big Health Coverage Gap

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PoliticsThis week, Health Insurance Marketplaces opened in states across the country.  It’s true: Many more Americans will now have access to affordable health care.  But, other hard-working people, who live in states that have not yet committed to expanding Medicaid, will fall into a new coverage gap. That’s right: In the 26 states that have not accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, adults who earn up to $15,000 a year will not qualify for any type of subsidy through the …

Veterans Conquer Barricades at Closed War Memorial

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIf they can storm enemy beaches, they certainly won’t let a little barricade — or even a government shutdown — stand in their way. Join the discussion: Share a memory to honor our veterans A group of World War II veterans from Mississippi had chartered an $80,000 flight to Washington, D.C., to visit the National World War II Memorial. They arrived Oct. 1 to find to find the monument blocked off, a casualty of the government shutdown caused by the standoff …

The Last of the Real Mississippi Bluesmen

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LegacyJames Lewis Carter “T-Model” Ford didn’t take up the guitar until he was 58, when his fifth wife ran off for good, giving him the instrument as a parting gift. As the story goes, the native Mississippian stayed up that whole night, drinking moonshine to dull his heartache as he started teaching himself how how to play the blues. When he got the hang of it, it sounded like this: That Ford, who died in Greenville, Miss., on July 16 …

Top AARP Health Videos of 2011: Iranian Cure for the Delta Blues

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Personal HealthThe Mississippi Delta is one of the poorest places in the United States. Health care in the region is worse than in some developing countries. Yet Iran – isolated for its atomic pursuits – has an innovative rural health care system the World Health Organization describes as “remarkable.” Since 1980, it has reduced child mortality by 70 percent. Three Mississippi doctors are now trying to implement the Iranian system in the Mississippi Delta.