Sandra Day O’Connor: Class Dismissed … and Inspired

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Bulletin TodayFor those of us who love the law, what’s best about it is how it is always developing, changing, adding data points like dots in a pointillistic picture. For those of us with a career in the law, staying engaged with — and curious about — theory and policy and societal progress transform a 30- or 40- or 50-year occupation into a passion. I’ve been trying to get my students to drink the “legal education is fascinating for its own …

Seeing Life From a Rolling Chair

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Your LifeIt’s only been a few weeks since I joined the ranks of 1.6 million Americans who use wheelchairs, and it has already changed me. I feel helpless in some ways and useless in others. I am in a different world, downsized and looking up, dependent upon others to get me where I’m going. There is a terrible loneliness to that. I use the chair only occasionally as the effects of COPD impact my ability to breathe easily, ergo my ability …

The Takeaway: ‘Partner Robots’ Help With Mobility; ‘Green Houses’ Make Nursing Homes More Homey

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Bulletin TodayWhat’s made by Toyota, has no wheels but still helps you get from here to there? That would be the ‘independent walk assist,’ part of the auto manufacturer’s new line of high-tech health care products aimed at helping disabled or older adults get around … There are now 117 Green House nursing homes across the United States, and it’s not just the structure of these houses that’s different.

News To Know: Domo Arigato Mister Roboto

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TechnologyA Japanese company has created a robotic suit with the potential to give mobility to those who have limited or no use of their limbs.