Instagram Fans, Watch Out for Fake Flight Offer Scams

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Money & Savings | TechnologyInstagram has become a leading social network to allow users to upload and edit photos, and follow and view other accounts and their Instagram photos. But when popularity comes, scammers often follow. Picture this: When browsing popular Instagram accounts, you stumble upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from a trusted airline. It’s almost as if fate wants you take that all-expenses paid trip to visit old connections. The airline’s Instagram account is offering a free flight to your next vacation destination. All …

AARP’s Life@50+ = Bargain of a Lifetime!

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Money & SavingsHands down, the best $25 I’ve ever spent: AARP’s Life@50+ National Event. That’s the price of admission for the entire three day event ($35 for non-members), and you easily get 10 times that amount in return value in the form of world class entertainment, cutting edge information, and schwag … lots and lots of schwag. This past week, Life@50+ 2012 was held in New Orleans, and on Saturday – the last day of the event – I woke up with a …

Jean Chatzky’s 12 Essential Money Rules

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Money & Savings“Rules. A life without rules is exhausting and emotionally fraught.” That’s how Jean Chatzky opened her hour long session on financial security and retirement at Life@50+ today. She admitted that rules don’t seem fun – and the audience agreed. But soon she brought the crowd around to the virtues of boundaries, planning and delayed gratification. “Once you start planning, and get the numbers down on the page, things may not be as bad as you think they are,” said Chatzky, …

Boom and Gloom

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Money & SavingsI learned  that Baby Boomers are riddled with anxiety about whether they’ll be financially secure when they retire, and they’re less than pleased with our political leaders’ response. A new Anxiety Index, created by AARP through a series of surveys, measures what non-retired Baby Boomer voters age 50-64 worry about. This concern overrides even their worry about health expenses, jobs, or paying too much in taxes. Almost three in four (72%) believe they will have to delay retirement, and almost …

Boomers Spending Less on Leisure, More on Education, Mortgage Interest, Adult Kids

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsThese days, keeping up with the Joneses is more likely to involve night classes than a new sofa. A study on boomer spending habits found middle-aged adults today spend less on leisure and frills than previous generations but more on education, adult children and mortgage debt.

Medicare Patients Spend Thousands Out of Pocket at End of Life

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsUsing data from a national longitudinal survey, Mt. Sinai professor Amy Kelley looked at out-of-pocket medical costs near the end of life and uncovered some sobering statistics. A whopping 43 percent of Medicare patients end up spending more than the total value of their assets, excluding real estate, on end-of-life care, while 25 percent spent all their assets including including any money from home or property.