Can A ‘Death Test’ Predict When You’ll Die?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s not exactly a crystal ball, but researchers have developed a simple “mortality index” — you might call it a death test — to figure out an older person’s risk of dying in the next 10 years. The 12-question test was developed for doctors to use on their patients age 50 and older. Some of the questions might strike you as the “well, duh” variety — do you have a malignant tumor? chronic lung disease? congestive heart failure? — while …

Wait, Now They Tell Us Being Overweight Is OK?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthJust in time for those New Year’s resolutions about diet comes this surprising news: While being obese is still bad for your health, new research suggests that those who are moderately overweight have a lower risk of dying than normal-weight people do. The study, published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is a big one — an analysis of 100 international studies that included about 3 million adults. The authors were researchers with the National Center for Health …

Caregivers May Benefit From Their Role

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CaregivingFinally some good news about caregiving! I recently spoke with Dr. Lisa Fredman,  a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics  at the Boston University School of Public Health, who has been studying the effects of caregiving on stress levels. She and her colleagues have been following about 1,000 older women, 375 of whom were caregivers. Not surprisingly, the caregivers showed significantly more stress than non-caregivers. What amazed me, though, was how that stress actually affected – or didn’t affect – the …