The Takeaway: New Refinancing Help For ‘Underwater’ Homeowners; Stretching Helps Chronic Back Pain

Helping Homeowners Tread Water: Meeting yesterday with distressed homeowners in Las Vegas-the ‘foreclosure capital of the nation’-President Obama unveiled a plan to allow homeowners who owe more than their properties are worth to refinance mortgages at today’s low rates, which are hovering near 4 percent. If you think this has shades of 2009 all over it-well, you’re right: The new plan is a revised version of the previous Home Affordable Refinance Program-which didn’t have as much effect as the administration would …

News To Know: Lending A Hand

Citigroup announced a mortgage modification program for customers who are out of work and at least 60 days behind on mortgage payments.

News To Know: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Experts have noted the potential for homeowners to intentionally stop paying their mortgages to qualify for government assistance.

Research: 50+ Crowd Hit Hard By Financial Crisis

A recent study by AARP Public Policy Institute shows that Americans over 50 have been affected by the financial trouble facing the country.