This Week in Boomer History: Lenny Bruce … Gulf of Tonkin … Medicare

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Bulletin TodayNoteworthy events from our shared experience Comedian Lenny Bruce is found dead at his Los Angeles home Aug. 3, 1966. His anything-goes social satire led to multiple obscenity prosecutions while paving the way for today’s stand-up performers. On Aug. 1, 1981, MTV begins broadcasting in the United States. Its first video? “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs Medicare and Medicaid into law on July 30, 1965, at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Mo., a nod …

The Old MTV Is Back (Music Videos All Day!)

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EntertainmentIf you were 18 in 1981, the year MTV went on the air, you turn 50 this year. Back then, MTV actually played music. You may have to explain this to your grandchildren — to them, MTV may just be shows like “16 and Pregnant” — but back in 1981, MTV meant, literally, music television, playing videos all day. (Here’s video of the very first day.) Today, MTV is back. The channel that once introduced a generation to The Who …