Vitamin D Pills: Many Labels Can’t Be Trusted

Posted on 02/15/2013 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf you need to take a vitamin D supplement, be aware you may be getting far less or far more than the label shows, a new study shows. Researchers found that off-the-shelf pills from 12 different manufacturers plus two from specialty compounding pharmacies contained from a minuscule 9 percent to a whopping 146 percent of the amount listed on the label (which ranged from 1,000 to 10,000 international units [IU]). Not only was there variation among different brands and manufacturers, …

Even Fit Boomers Have Heart Disease Risk

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf you’re 45 and fit — meaning you don’t smoke and don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol — don’t feel too smug. You still have a one in three chance of developing heart problems, including stroke, by the time you’re in your 80s or 90s, new research finds. On the other hand, you may live up to 14 years longer free of heart ailments than do those who are not so fit. For boomers who are less …

Multivitamin Test: Cheap Often Best For People And Pets

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthA new analysis of popular multivitamins turned up some good news for budget-minded older adults, but not such good news for their pets and grandchildren. First the good news: Price is not an indicator of quality. Several popular brands of multis for seniors sold at discounters like Costco, BJ’s and Walmart scored high in quality and were the lowest in price. Now the bad news, including some that could worry Fido: The analysis included three dog vitamins and one of …