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2010: The Year of Technology

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TechnologyHappy New Year! I had a very technological holiday season, with a new TV from St. Nick and a new smartphone as a gift from myself to myself… and I’m still learning the ropes of the “touch screen” and the ins and outs of “high definition.” If you got techy gifts from your savvy friends and family but can’t even get through the printed manual, check out yet another article on older Americans learning the language of technology – this …

Taking Your New Years Resolutions Seriously (And Realistically)

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Your LifeLet’s face it – too often we make some grand resolution to change big for the new year, and near to nothing comes out of it. Practice an accomplishment or performance in your head–athletes call this “mental rehearsal”–repeatedly until you’ve got it exactly right. The idea of mental rehearsal is to actually create the experience of success in your mind. For example, suppose you’re going to a party where you’ll be faced with lots of unhealthy food and drinks. Rehearse …