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The Photographer Whose Celebrity Portraits ‘Are Forever’

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LegacyYou may have encountered Editta Sherman as a larger-than-life character in the 2010 documentary film about her fellow Carnegie Hall resident, Bill Cunningham (Bill Cunningham New York). The two photographers were friends for decades, and part of their special bond was living in a unique artists colony above America’s most famous concert hall. See a New York Times slideshow of Sherman and her work When I worked at Carnegie in the 1980s, Sherman, who died on Nov. 1 at the …

Oldest Woman in NYC Marathon Finishes Race, Dies the Next Day

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LegacyAt 86, distance runner Joy Johnson was a remarkable athlete. A retired gym teacher from the San Jose area who took up jogging at age 56, Johnson competed in scores of races around the country and amassed a string of 25 consecutive finishes in the New York City Marathon — one of the most legendary streaks in the history of recreational running. Two years ago, at 84, she became the oldest finisher ever in that event, clocking a time of …

In Eviction Dispute, It’s David 1, Goliath 0

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Bulletin TodayRafael Lee is 82, it’s true. But the New Yorker’s energy and attitude revealed itself when he hired a lawyer to protest a law firm’s attempt to evict him from his rent-controlled apartment – and won. Turns out that Lee (or his lawyer, James Fishman) may have known more about federal debt collection law than the landlord’s law firm, Kucker & Bruh, which, somewhat ironically, specializes in … debt collection. First-year law students (I teach ‘em) learn on their first …

Ed Koch: The Last Interview

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Legacy    “Ed Koch!” The voice on the phone was not so much identifying itself as trumpeting an introduction. This was Ed Koch, all right, barging into our phone conversation with the same ebullience that characterized his three terms as New York’s most popular and controversial mayor since Jimmy Walker. I caught up with Koch on January 10, at his modest Greenwich Village apartment. I can’t definitively say mine was the absolute last interview Koch granted before his death early …

This Man Would Be Thankful to Find a Job

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Work“I’d do anything to get a job” – or “I’d give anything to land a job.” Millions of people have said those words. Vincent Giordano has taken it a step further. I heard about Vincent and got his contact information via this ABC News story by reporter Alan Farnheim. This summer, the unemployed law firm office support assistant – with expertise running large, complex duplicating machines like you’d see at some copy shops – decided he needed to get noticed. Vincent went to …

New York City’s Mayor Turns His Attention To Improving Senior Centers

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Bulletin TodayNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes a look at “senior centers” and seeks to update them with his business-minded point of view and results-oriented attitude.