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Great Ideas for Great Places: Cycle Tracks!

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Great PlacesWelcome to my series, Great Ideas for Great Places! I’ll highlight the innovative, creative and even downright quirky ideas happening that make homes and communities great places to live. If you have an idea to share, please feel free to tell me all about it at the Livable Community Story page! As you may know, there has been an increase in the number of people riding bikes. Some folks ride for health, some for fun, some to get around town and …

FCC Halts Plan to Replace Landline Phone Service in NY, NJ

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PoliticsThis week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put the brakes on Verizon’s plan to fast track the replacement of traditional landline telephone service in parts of New York and New Jersey with a new, less reliable, wireless option called Voice Link.  Instead of automatically approving Verizon’s application, the FCC has requested more information from the company. Superstorm Sandy In October of 2012 Superstorm Sandy, the most destructive storm of the season, devastated much of the Northeast.  Sandy soon became one …

$3 Billion Saved – For You

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PoliticsFrom Alaska to Florida – AARP is fighting to save you money on your utility bills and protect reliable utility services, for you.  So far, this and last year alone, we kept an estimated $3 billion in the pockets of consumers.  And, that savings on your behalf is why we’re in this.  Whether it’s your electricity, gas or phone: In 42 states, we’re fighting for affordable, reliable, accessible utility service – for you. Here is what’s hot in our multi-state …

Ensuring Affordable, Reliable Communications Services

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Public Policy Institute | TechnologyPhone companies are moving from traditional copper-wire telephone technology to wireless and broadband Internet-based services and standards. This transition clearly has advantages for consumers. But the abandonment of old-fashioned wireline service also raises concerns that some existing services may become unaffordable, unreliable or unavailable altogether. For many older adults in particular, such an outcome could have disruptive or dangerous consequences. Here are just a few of the public comments consumers filed in response to a Verizon proposal to permanently replace its copper …

3 Questions When Utility Companies Try to Raise Your Rates

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PoliticsAcross the country, a number of gas and electric companies are looking to increase their customers’ bills. The cost of everything is going up, but sometimes utilities ask for too much. Here are 3 questions you should ask the next time your utility company tries to raise your rates: 1) When rates go up, will quality improve? Is the utility being held accountable for providing reliable service? 2) What impact do raised rates have on the company’s profit? Is the …

The Takeaway: Taking Aspirin? Don’t Stop; Longevity Study; Prehistoric Grandparents

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Bulletin TodayAspirin wards off heart attack–just don’t stop taking it, study warns. Researchers tracked people ages 50 to 84 and found patients with a history of heart disease who had recently stopped low-dose aspirin were 63 percent more likely to have a heart attack. “Even stopping aspirin for 15 days was associated with the short-term risk.”