Bea Kozera: Jack Kerouac’s Lost Lover

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LegacyIf you’ve read Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel On The Road, you probably remember the heart-rending section in which protagonist Sal Paradise, who’s waiting to catch a bus from Bakersfield to Los Angeles, suddenly spies “the cutest little Mexican girl in slacks coming across my sight.” Suddenly lovestruck, Sal rushes to jump instead onto the bus that the woman is boarding, and spends five minutes trying to find the courage to offer her his raincoat to use as a pillow. Sal …

‘Buck’ Biggers: 5 Fun Facts About ‘Underdog’ and Its Co-Creator

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LegacyIf you grew up in the 1960s, you probably still remember the lyrics to this theme song: Underdog, an animated series about the exploits of a super-powered beagle who almost always spoke in rhyme as he battled villains, ruled the Saturday morning airwaves. It was best enjoyed if you were still in your pajamas and, ideally, munching a bowl of Lucky Charms or Trix and slurping the sugary residue so that you could snort milk up your nose in laughter when …