Calories on Menus: Boomers, Women Are Paying Attention

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWho pays attention to calorie counts on menus? By next year, all large chain restaurants will be required to post those harsh numbers, so the Gallup research people decided to find out who really takes note of them. In a survey conducted last month of 2,027 American adults, they found that only 43 percent  pay “a great deal” or a “fair amount” of attention. In fact, more Americans — 68 percent — look at nutritional information on food packages than …

Do You Really Need to Give Up These 5 Foods?

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Beauty & FashionAfter I turned 50, the post-menopasal pounds started piling on. I pretended to exercise by buying an expensive membership to an equally expensive gym, and I kept on eating pretty much whatever I wanted. A perfect “Post-50 Perfect Storm” was in the works. Luckily I got hold of my senses and decided that moving my body more and changing what I ate was the smart solution. The end result was that I lost the 15 lbs. I had gained, and …

Losing Weight: When Two Rights Still Make a Wrong

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Personal HealthDenise, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a common problem. She is doing everything she can to lead a healthy lifestyle, but the stubborn pounds refuse to leave her body. I’ve read your advice, and I have completely revamped my nutritional intake to high-quality proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and fat-free dairy. I even started buying salmon to cook for myself a couple of times a week. On the exercise front, I am walking and using my pedometer, but the weight is …

Swimsuit Time Is Pantry Makeover Time

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Personal HealthStanding in front of a three-way mirror trying to find a flattering swimsuit may not be your idea of a fun time. You aren’t alone. More than any other time of the year, the approaching warm summer days that call for swimsuits, sleeveless blouses, cropped pants and shorts make us self-conscious about the shape of our bodies. But how we look on the outside is only part of the picture. How we look on the inside is just as important. …

“Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”

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Personal HealthIt’s said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, signaling the start of Spring.  There are many celebrations this month, from Easter to Saint Patrick’s Day, from Texas Independence Day to Save a Spider Day (no, I’m not kidding).  But it is also known as National Nutrition Month®! After spending half of February devouring chocolate, it’s time to get back into shape and start eating right. Since 1980, the Academy of Nutrition has pursued …

Hold the Butter: Artificial Flavoring on Popcorn Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

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Bulletin TodayThough I’m a pretty healthy eater most of the time, one of my few junk food weaknesses is movie theater popcorn — and the more butter, the better. That oily, artificially flavored buttery topping is what makes the snack worthwhile! It’s also what makes it terrible, apparently. Long suspected as a cause of lung damage, researchers are now linking butter flavoring to Alzheimer’s disease.