Good News About 7 ‘Bad’ Foods

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthStay away from gluten. Eggs will raise your cholesterol. Fruits have too much sugar. Wait, what?? These are just some of the nutritional myths that keep people from eating food that’s actually healthy for them, says Washington, D.C., dietitian and author Katherine Tallmadge. In a recent Washington Post article, Tallmadge shared a list of seven myths she often hears from her clients seeking nutrition and diet counseling. Of course, the oft-repeated wisdom about moderation goes without saying here, but her …

Eating Right Without Taking Away the Fun

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Personal HealthSpring is right around the corner and lighter and more revealing clothes are ready to come out. Changing seasons also remind us that we should do something about those extra pounds we gained after all the holiday banquets and months of limited outdoor activities. The best place to start is reviewing our eating habits, choosing better nutritional components and starting a simple exercise routine that will not demand an impossible amount of time or effort from us. One good thing …

The Takeaway: Eating Right, Avoiding Trans-Fats Keeps Older Brains Sharp; Obesity Tied To Greater Risk of Falls

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Bulletin TodayOlder adults with higher levels of certain vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in their blood scored better on mental quickness tests than those whose diets were high in junk food and trans-fats. // A new study conducted by New York’s Syracuse University found obese older adults were between 12 and 50 percent more likely to suffer a fall than normal-weight peers.

The Takeaway: Too Many Stent Patients End Up Back In Hospital; Nutritional Needs Change With Age

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Bulletin TodayOne in six patients who has a stent inserted to open up blocked arteries ends up back in the hospital within a month of the procedure, according to a new study. And a dietitian explains why failing to adjust your eating habits as you age can be risky.

The Coolest Cones: Making Healthy Ice Cream Choices

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOfficially, July was National Ice Cream Month, but seriously — shouldn’t it at least be extended to the searing, sizzling month of August? Yeah, I thought so, too. So in honor of National Extended Ice Cream Month, let’s talk about which frozen treats are the healthiest. Here’s the inside scoop: The most fattening ice creams: Newsweek has a list of the six worst offenders. At the top – Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter at 360 calories and 24 grams of fat in a mere …

99 Ways to Save: Focus on the Home

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Money & SavingsWho doesn’t want to save money in this tough economy? A new article in the AARP Bulletin on 99 Ways to Save has tips to help you do just that, on everything from car expenses to caring for your health and your home. It’s no secret that food prices are on the rise, and some foods give you more vitamins and minerals for the money. Best veggies for your buck are cabbage, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens and carrots. …