Climb Every Mountain? Not This Time

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Bulletin Today | TravelMin Bahadur Sherchan, 81, turned back from the summit of Mount Everest on May 28 because of bad weather, failing in his attempt to become the oldest person to climb the world’s highest mountain. The Associated Press reports that Sherchan held the record from 2008, when he scaled the peak at the age of 76, until last week, when 80-year-old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura surpassed him. More details about Miura’s story are emerging today as well. He has climbed the …

When Everything Hurts and Everything Glows

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Your LifeIt’s 2014, and everything on my poor old body is hurting. Even the dawning of a new and beautiful day over our L.A. mountain village of Topanga is so bright and intense that the glare hurts my eyes. I can feel it in back of my pupils and down the sides of my face, a sensation that makes me want to rub and scratch. I hate scratching. I told my wife Cinelli that this might happen if I cleaned the …