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A Lesson from Oklahoma: Wisdom Saves Lives

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VolunteeringBy now, you may have heard of Nancy Davis.  Nancy lives in Moore, Oklahoma and yes, her house was destroyed by the recent tornado that devastated several Oklahoma communities. Like many, she is reeling from the aftermath and will, no doubt, for some time. What makes Nancy unique is that she is 94-years old and she lost her home not once, but twice.  She lost her home on May 3, 1999, the last time an EF5 tornado hit Moore – …

In a Disaster, Could an Electronic Health Record Save Your Life?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Jenny Gold, Correspondent, Kaiser Health News Everyone expects a hospital to be ready to jump into action when disaster strikes. But what about when the disaster devastates the hospital itself? Turns out, it helps a lot to have an electronic medical record system in place. At least that was the case at Moore Medical Center in Oklahoma, a small hospital right in the path of the tornado that ripped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday (see photo, right). Three-hundred …

Miracle In Oklahoma: ‘I Know He’s In Here Somewhere’

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Bulletin TodayAmid the devastation of the Oklahoma tornado, Barbara Garcia simply proceeded according to plan. As the sky darkened and the funnel cloud approached, she headed to her small bathroom with her dog. She hoped they’d be safe there. (If you can’t see the video embedded below, try reloading the page or view it here.) The reunion of Garcia and her dog is just one of the wonderful things about this report. For our money, even better is her matter-of-factness and …