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From Experience to Empathy: Why NASCAR fans back Drive to End Hunger

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Stefani Norris. Norris lives in Chicago and works in the sports media industry. Through his support of Drive to End Hunger, Jeff Gordon has helped raise awareness of the plight of nearly 9 million older Americans at risk of hunger – and with that increased awareness comes more donations of food and funds to help solve the hunger problem. Taking a “see for yourself” stance to help communicate the reality of hunger among older …

The Takeaway: Contrary to Predictions, Boomers Are Retiring at 65

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Bulletin TodayA new study from MetLife finds that, contrary to predictions, older Americans are retiring. In fact, more than 60 percent of 65-year-olds—the leading edge of the boomer generation—are already collecting Social Security.

103 Years old and still at it! Thank you!

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VolunteeringOn the occasion of her 103rd birthday, we would like to congratulate Mary Alice Groppe on her years of service to her community and older Americans. Mrs. Groppe helped to found the Wheeling, WV chapter of AARP and is still an active letter writer on issues concerning older Americans. A single voice that has chosen to never be quiet. In a letter to Mrs. Groppe, AARP CEO A. Barry Rand said “Your dedicated and tireless attention to and advocacy on issues important to older …

It’s Time to Readjust Our Outlook on Aging. Why the Elderly are National Treasures

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Your LifeWhat does “older American” mean? Seriously…I see that term used more and more often. This past week it actually hit me right in the face and made me laugh. I had my mother with me out of town on a job. My mom is in her early seventies, and I never categorized her as an older American. When I flipped through some definitions of the words old and older, the answers I found amused me… far advanced in years of …

Too Old to Answer JFK’s Call? Nonsense!

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VolunteeringJust before 2:00am on a chilly October night thousands of students at the University of Michigan became part of history as the 43-year-old presidential candidate stood on the steps of the Michigan Union and asked if they would embark on a journey that would take them potentially half way around the world to give assistance to underdeveloped nations and their people. John F. Kennedy was of course introducing his new international service organization that would later become the Peace Corps. …

Volunteering May Reduce Heart Attacks in Older Americans

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VolunteeringAs you try to make good on your New Year’s resolution to be healthier, make sure that volunteering is a regular part of your routine. Research from several studies shows that older Americans who volunteer live longer and report having a higher quality of life compared to those who do not. The Journal of Psychology and Aging reports that volunteering regularly reduces depression and increases overall satisfaction in life for older adults. Comorbidity of depression and cardiovascular disease has long …