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Car Talk — The Future of Driving Safety

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Home & Family | TechnologyEditor’s note. This is the first in a series from Ford that will talk about older drivers, technology and the future of transportation. Today’s post is by Mike Shulman, Technical Leader for Ford Active Safety Research. Like many fans of the NPR program Car Talk, I’ll miss the entertaining banter of brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi (otherwise known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers). No one can turn a car calamity into comic relief quite like they can! The …

Top 5 New Car Technologies for Older Drivers

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TechnologyGoogle made a car that drives itself. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is studying 3,000 vehicles that actually talk to each other. Each day, advancements are being made to make our cars safer and easier to navigate. And while the car that drives itself may not be on the market for a few years, many new and exciting auto features have recently debuted that are already changing the face of driving. Earlier this week, The Hartford and …

Are You a SMART Driver?

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Home & FamilyIf you’re like many drivers, it has probably been a few years since you first learned to drive and tested for your driver’s license. And yet cars, traffic rules, and the very roads we drive on are constantly changing. Be a S-M-A-R-T driver, and use these five tips from AARP Driver Safety to stay safe on today’s increasingly challenging roadways.