The Takeaway: Grandparents Are Safer Drivers; Suicide, Women Over 50

Want to keep your kids safe in the car? Make sure Nana’s behind the wheel. When children are present, grandparents are better drivers than Mom and Dad, a new study says.

The Takeaway: TSA Screening Unfair?; Too Old to Drive?

TSA stands by officers after pat-down of 95-year-old woman in Florida. The cancer patient was forced to remove her adult diaper during a screening a couple of weeks ago at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport, according to her daughter.

News To Know: Older Driver Truth vs. Fiction

Statistics from the AAA dispute the view that older drivers are more dangerous than other age groups.

News To Know: A Sight For Sore Eyes

A Florida law requiring older drivers to take a vision test in order to renew their licenses has shown promising results according to a recent study.

News To Know: Gadgets To Keep You On Your Feet And On The Road

Technological advances may hold the keys to making older Americans safer while walking and driving.

News To Know: On The Road Again

It is important to allow drivers to stay on the road for as long as they can safely manage driving. Once drivers give up the keys, many suffer from a lack of transportation alternatives.