Older Women Expanding the Legacy of Black History

This is a guest post by AARP Vice President of Multicultural Markets, Edna Kane-Williams. Williams is responsible for the development and execution of strategy relating to growing the association’s African American/Black membership. She previously served as Vice President of Strategy and Communications within the AARP Foundation. Black History month celebrates the perseverance of a determined people. Each year we’re reminded of how African Americans have survived, overcome and excelled despite major obstacles, challenges and injustices. Black women have always figured prominently …

The Takeaway: Older Women More Sexually Satisfied Than Middle-Aged; Romney Takes Iowa

In their younger days, boomers oft-accused the older generations of having a bad attitude toward sex. Try telling that now to the 80-year-old women who are more sexually satisfied than their 55-year-old counterparts.

The Takeaway: Older Women Satisfied With Sex Lives; Would You Use $1 Coins?

A large new study finds women in their 50s, 60s and even 70s are still having sex, satisfied with their sex lives and, if anything, want it a little more often, please. And several members of Congress are suggesting phasing out fragile $1 bills””prone to tearing, fading and generally wearing out””and replacing them with coins, which last much longer.

The Takeway: Humor Therapy Helps Dementia Patients; Moderate Intensity Exercise May Be Best

An Australian study finds ‘humor therapy’ decreases agitation in nursing home dementia patients as well as antipsychotic medicines … Middle-aged women who engage in moderate-intensity exercise more likely to enjoy and stick with it then intense exercisers.

The Takeaway: Are We Ready for More ‘Old’ Men?; Plastic Surgery Boom; Bernadine Healy

Is America ready for more “old” men? That’s the discussion that’s taking place in Room for Debate over on NYTimes.com. As the number of men over 65 has increased by 21 percent in the last decade “what are the implications – the benefits and the costs – of having more men around longer?” Women generally outlive men, so how would our lives change with more older men in the country? Will you have to support both parents instead of one? …